Information about us

 Why the name of our Kennel Tarr-Winn?

Naming a Tarr-Winn is a composite of two important names for us.

The first part of the name of our kennel Tarr - comes from our first females miniature schnauzer black and silver Taranett Char-Nett. Tarinka accompanied us through our life for 15 years. She taught us and showed how beautiful it is coexistence with dogs.

The second part of the name Winn - after our second dog. It's black and silver miniature schnauzer Winning Star z Dixie. Winnie's first Miniature Schnauzer in history, who became the champion and Vice World Champion (2012 and 2014 - rescue dog, who won the category tracking), while the few times champion of the Republic of schnauzers. A great partner in life.

About us

We are a small family kennel Tarr-Winn.
Founded March 24, 2015 under the registration number 68/15.
  • The purpose of our kennel is to breed high quality dogs, both for health and exterior as well as the character and the work site.
  • For the quality is excellent breeding female and carefully selected stud dog. Those requirements that we place great emphasis.



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